5 Benefits of a Professionally Constructed Resume

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April 3, 2019

5 Benefits of a Professionally Constructed Resume

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Your resume is an important tool in your job search. So If you’re looking to grab the attention of prospective employers a well-constructed resume is the way to go.


“If you think it’s expensive to hire a professional to do the job, wait until you hire an amateur.” – Red Adair

Paying for a professionally constructed resume (especially if you are unemployed and short on cash) may seem counterproductive, especially when there are so many ‘free’ resume templates available for the taking online. However, with rising rates of unemployment and the fiercely competitive reality of the modern labour market, a professionally constructed resume is perhaps the cheapest way to give yourself an edge/advantage over thousands of other applicants applying for the same job. While a professional resume will not guarantee that you land the job, it may save you time and money that a prolonged job hunt (months or years) can cost, if you try instead to ‘do it yourself’. A professionally constructed resume is likely to ensure that you get the most value for money and value from your resume. Considering that many substandard individuals offer ‘professional’ resume construction, the key is to ensure that the resume provider you select is well qualified (minimum Bachelor’s degree) and possesses a wealth of knowledge and experience. Affiliations, memberships or partnerships with professional bodies, institutes or organisations is also an indication of competence that you can use when selecting a resume provider.


Considering that your resume is your first opportunity to give your potential employer a good impression of yourself, having your resume professionally constructed is truly an investment in yourself. You may be excellent at accounting, engineering or business strategy but you just may not be word savvy. The reality is that regardless of how prestigious your qualifications and or experience, errors in spelling, grammar, syntax, content, incorrect use of tense and or inconsistent formatting of your resume will minimise your chances of landing your dream job.


resume writing


It is often a challenge to view any circumstance objectively when you are directly involved. Accordingly, a professional, independent, third-party provides much-needed objectivity that will assist you in understanding what should be included/excluded in your resume and how you can best present your skills and abilities to match the description of the job for which you seek to apply.


Qualifications, experience and skills are unique, so resumes should be too. A professionally constructed personalised resume allows you to present your individual skill set to highlight your strengths in a way that a generic resume template simply cannot. Your certification and unique capabilities should guide the construction of your resume instead of trying to fit your uniqueness into a general template or a template designed to highlight the unique skills of someone else.

resume writing


In much the same way that you keep yourself current with respect to developments in your respective profession, resume construction professionals do too. They possess extensive and intimate knowledge of exactly what Human Resource Managers look for. Recruitment practices are constantly changing and considering that you probably only update your resume when applying for a new job or promotion, every few years, paying for a professionally constructed resume is perhaps the best professional/personal investment that you can make in yourself/your career. We often depend and rely on professionals across various other aspects of our lives such as plumbers, electricians and contractors. So why then are we so hesitant to invest in ourselves and our futures?

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